Accessible Hubs - International workshop on Universal Design in urban mobility systems

This international workshop seeks to identify guiding principles for co creation and research on more widely usable and accessible mobility hubs.

08. November 2018 09:30 Uhr - 09. November 2018 16:00 Uhr


Mobility hubs can play a pivotal role in providing equal access for people with specific mobility needs. The workshop will look into the design of intermodal mobility hubs (public or private places where passengers and cargo can change between different modes oftransportation). Hubs are evolving to address current changes towards digitalization, sharing economies and multimodal lifestyles. The term Accessible Hubs highlights that accessibility should be in the centre of this development.
The scientific objectives of this international workshop are:
To identify urban design factors hindering further implementation of accessibility in mobility systems.
To gain a better understanding of guiding principles suitable to co create, implement and assess accessibility in mobility hubs.
To identify new alliances that will research and implement concepts of accessibility in urban mobility systems with regards to changing physical, social and digital affordances. 
Programm and registration by Oct. 31 2018: MEHR